Buckle-up for high octane action

Prepare to be captivated by the heart-stopping Extreme Enduro live action race at the Devitt Insurance MCN London Motorcycle Show. Sponsored by discovery+ and New for 2024, this exhilarating spectacle will showcase the UK's top off-road riders as they push their limits and battle for supremacy over a perilous and fast-paced obstacle course.

Don't miss this adrenaline fueled display of skill, agility, and sheer grit as four of the UK's most fearless riders navigate a course designed to test the mettle of even the most seasoned racers. Expect to see gravity-defying drops, exhilarating jumps, and gruelling technical sections that will push both man and machine to their absolute limits.

The Extreme Enduro, powered by discovery+ kicks off in the heart of the show three times on Friday and four times each on Saturday and Sunday. It's an unmissable, fast-paced race for all ages, so make sure you bring your family along. Witness the raw talent, unwavering determination, and laser focus of the UK's off-road elite as they conquer seemingly impossible obstacles and push the boundaries of motorcycle control.

Powered by discovery+

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Meet the Extreme Enduro riders... 

William Hoare

Will Hoare 

Age: 25 

From: Bradford 

Current team/bike: Beta 300 

Competes in: World indoor superenduro british extreme championship 

Career highlights: 2021 British champion, 2019 junior Super Enduro champion. 

Charlie Frost  

Age: 26 

From: Bath 

Current team/bike: Beta UK. Black Flag Collective  

Competes in: British Extreme Enduro Championship, World Hard Enduro Championship 

Career highlight: British Extreme Expert Champion 2018 

Photo credit: G2F Media 

Richard Moorhouse  

Age: 21  

From: Harrogate 

Current team/bike: Gas Gas UK Eurotek 

Competes in: Junior under 23 World Championship  

Career highlights: British Expert Enduro Champion 2022, 3rd place in 2023 Junior World enduro Championship  

Photo credit: G2F Media 

James Jackson

James Jackson  

Age: 24 

From: Yorkshire  

Current team/bike - Sherco SE 300 / Eurotek 

Competes in: European Superenduro, Wess British Extreme Championship 

Career highlight: Sixth place overall in 2022 Romaniac, Silver class 

Photo credit: G2F Media 

**Warning MotorSport is dangerous**

Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk. During the Extreme Enduro Live Action shows the noise levels in the hall will be elevated. If you have concerns over the elevated noise levels free hearing protection is available from the stewards around the Extreme Enduro Live Action area.

The countdown is on!